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Japan Camera Industry Institute believes the protection of customer's personal information is not only for the legal obligation but also important social responsibility. Under the corporate philosophy of "Complying with the law with high ethical standards", JCII defines the following privacy policy (policy on the protection of personal information) and respects and protects the right of customers on the personal information.

Collection and use of the customer's personal information

JCII collects customer's personal information according to the proper procedure and specifies the purpose of use as much as possible. Then JCII notifies the customer or announces on the homepage. The collected personal information is handled only for the purpose of use.

Provision of personal information

JCII will not provide the customer's personal information to any third party (other than subcontractors) without customer's authorization. If JCII is required to share the personal information with our business partners, JCII will clearly specify or announce the range of business partners and the purpose of use in advance. However, we may share the information if required by law or requested by authorized agency.

Security of personal information

JCII employs technical countermeasures to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, leak of the personal information and commits to protect the personal information by developing an information security management system.

Announcement of the purpose of use and request of disclosure and correction

JCII will announce the purpose of use for the customer's personal information collected by JCII and will sincerely respond to the customer's request on the disclosure, correction, and termination of use within the reasonable range according to the prescribed procedure.


JCII will comply with the law, regulations, and guidelines for the personal information and carry out social responsibility as a general foundation.

Continuous improvement

In order to assure the protection of personal information, JCII continuously reviews and improves the compliance program (legal compliance plan).


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