Japan Camera Industry Institute was founded in 1954 as the Japan Camera Inspection Institute. Since then, for the past 35 years, we have provided various services including export inspection and examinations and researches on camera, while contributing to the quality improvement of camera as well as playing a role in facilitating the international interaction for the camera industry.

   When camera was exempted from the export inspection in December 1989, JCII changed in direction of its business from the inspection service to cultural service. In order to support this change, we opened JCII Camera Museum in 1989, JCII Photo Salon in April 1991, and JCII Library in June 1991. In addition to the establishment of these affiliated facilities, we also started photo clinics in September 1991. Then, JCII Club25 (gallery for rent), photo lab and studio are opened in May 1994, and the name of institute was also changed to Japan Camera Industry Institute in 1999. Now we are moving forward to achieve our new goal of spreading and promoting photography and image culture. Having the museum, photo salon and library as the center of cultural services and having the strong technical background, JCII is the only institute having such wide range of experiences in the field, which makes the existence of JCII very special.

   In order to improve the technology in photography and image industry and to spread and promote the image culture, we continue to provide services as the center of transmitting both hard and soft resources through the provision of information that meets your real time needs, collection of resources, survey and research and events with newly opened facilities and based on the technical knowledge and experiences.

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